Social Security & Medicare

Most of us expect to take advantage of these popular programs when we reach retirement age. But few of us are prepared for how complex they really are, or how our individual situations affect when and how we should receive their benefits.

  • Mandatory Medicare

  • Spouses and Social Security

  • What Age is Best?

  • Medicare, A-D

These are not one-size-fits-all programs

It’s important to calculate how Social Security and Medicare fit into your financial life. A Charles Stephen advisor — and expert in this arena — can help you decide.

Mandatory Medicare

You’re required to enroll in Medicare if you plan on using any sort of insurance after age 65.

Spouses & Social Security

With one or multiple career tracks, your spouse’s age and work history are important for your benefits.

What Age is Best?

Social Security benefits can kick in early or later, depending on your situation.

Medicare, A-D

Hospitalization is just one part of Medicare. The rest of your health care depends on three other parts.

Our Podcast

On our seasonal podcast, we discuss the financial rites of passage that you can be better prepared for.

Navigating Social Security

Navigating Social Security

We all expect it, but few of us know what we’re getting into.