Business Insurance

The more successful your business, the more vulnerable it can be to disruptions caused by illness, injury, or loss of life — not just to you and your partners but your employees, too. This added security can also attract and retain a superior workforce.

Charles Stephen offers strategic planning coupled with protective policies that suit your particular business type and structure.

  • Key Man Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • By/Sell Insurance

Business Insurance

Key Man Insurance

And women! Some people are indispensable. That’s why these policies exist, to protect your company from losing them.

Group Life Insurance

You and your employees can be a pool of insured policyholders, giving each family added security in the event of premature death. 

Group Disability Insurance

Just like group life, each employee can be protected in the event of injury and prolonged or chronic illness — an added asset for recruiting and retention.

Buy/Sell Insurance

Partnerships and other kinds of ownership aren’t just assets in life. In the event of death, they become parts of estates that need to be compensated for your business to thrive.