Children’s Education

Listen to their dreams, knowing that whatever they want to be, you can lay the groundwork for their pursuit of it. And if their plans change or get deferred, you’ll still have options for what you’ve built for them.

  • 529 Plans
  • UTMA Accounts
  • Insurance Planning
  • Pre-Paid Tuition Programs

Investing in your child’s future has never been easier or more flexible.

Parents, grandparents, and even family friends can make tax-deferred, and in some cases tax-free, contributions to a child’s education. You may be surprised at the options available to you.

529 Plans

Parents and grandparents can make tax-deferred contributions for K-12 and college or professional education.  Step and foster children are also eligible beneficiaries.

Pre-paid Tuition Programs

Lock in tuition rates before they go up, and if the child’s plans for education change, in most instances can get that money back.

UTMA Accounts

This gift-to-minors program allows real estate, securities, and even fine art to be held in custodial accounts, tax-deferred, until the child reaches legal age.

Insurance Planning

Fortify your education planning with the right insurance that protects your child and what you’ve built for them.