Business Succession, Transition & Exit Planning

You created the business, nurtured it, watched it grow, and have, in turn, been sustained by it.

And now you’re thinking it’s time to move on, which is as much a psychological process as a financial one. It’s a process that requires honest appraisals of what you’ll need financially, what you can handle emotionally, and the expectations of successors or purchasers.

Charles Stephen has helped many business owners create successful, custom-made paths to retirement. We believe those owners can still create wealth even as they relieve themselves of actually running their companies. And we understand the complex feelings that accompany such a journey.

Business Succession, Transition & Exit Planning

Succession Planning

Ideal for family businesses, or companies with long-time employees who are willing to invest in taking the reins from your hands. We can help you identify those best able to continue your legacy and create advantageous plans for all involved.

Exit Planning

Sometimes you just want to take the money and go. And that can be the right approach for the nature of your industry or for serial entrepreneurs who seed new businesses with the proceeds of older ones. We can help you sort through whether this fits best for you.

Transition Planning

When selling to a third party, you’ll need someone in your corner who can objectively measure your continued value to your business. While we’re not attorneys or accountants, we can project how to purchase proposals can affect your long-term financial health.