Inheritance & Estate Planning

Generational wealth is a precious thing. It can also be complicated and costly if not well planned. Charles Stephen can help you make sure it’s transferred in the way you want or help you prepare to receive it.

  • Estate planning advising
  • Inheritance advising
  • Trusts
  • Inherited IRAs
  • Beneficiary designation
  • Executors and trustees
  • Philanthropic giving
  • Tax obligations and strategies

Estate Planning & Inheritance Advising

We are not attorneys for estate planning, but we can referer you to the right people. 

Estate Planning Advising

Considering the right structures, instruments and methods to pass along wealth to your heirs so that it’s truly a gift.

Inheritance Advising

Receiving wealth can create sudden changes and, sometimes, complications for you and your family. We can help you decide how best to fit it into your life.


You can’t take it with you, but you can control how and when it’s distributed, especially when vulnerable heirs are among the recipients.

Inherited IRAs

These bequests were created tax-free, so they come with rules that can be expensive if not followed closely.

Beneficiary Designation

Loved ones are our top priority. But when families and relationships change, it’s important to keep your policies and will up to date.

Executors and Trustees

Sometimes it’s not the person you’re closest to who’s the best at carrying out your wishes. It’s who’s the most capable.

Philanthropic Giving

Organizations and institutions will love you for your bequest but can also be aggressive with other heirs about asserting claims to your estate if it’s not properly defined.

Tax Obligations and Strategies

Governments will always be ready to tax what isn’t properly protected. We can help you consider all the options.