Marriage & Divorce

Marriage is a blending of financial lives as well as hearts. Spending habits, credit histories, debts, and individual earning potential can become issues if not discussed openly before tying the knot. And if things don’t work out, an unplanned financial future can make a painful process worse.

  • Debts and Obligations
  • Tax Strategies for Married Couples
  • Credit Histories
  • Merging Assets
  • Financial Values
  • Retirement Planning
  • Blended Families

Advising & Planning for Lives Together or Apart

Merging people can be as complex as combining businesses. It’s why many couples avoid talking through and planning for their financial futures. We can help.

Debts and Obligations

Personal debts, business interests, and previous marital settlements are just some of the financial liabilities each partner can bring to the marriage that could impact their spouse.

Tax Strategies for Married Couples

Which is better, filing taxes jointly or separately? Blended incomes can be both advantageous or expensive when it comes to filing returns.

Credit Histories

FICO scores will matter immensely in a couple’s financial future, especially when buying a house or a car, or obtaining a lease on a rental property. Who’s should be repaired or out front?

Merging Assets

Although no one likes to admit it, many marriages end in divorce, with financial hits compounding emotional pain. Some couples make avoiding this prospect part of their planning.

Financial Values

Do you and your partner look at money in the same way? What are your individual spending habits? Recognizing and planning for any differences can be asset to your future together.

Retirement Planning

Career trajectories don’t often go in the same direction or at the same pace. Retirement can come earlier for one partner than the other. We can help you plan accordingly.

Blended Families

Second marriages can often create more complex financial implications for spouses and their existing families when embarking on creating new lives together.