Aging Parents & Chronic Illness

There comes that time when the roles get reversed, and you become your parent’s parent. Or an event or diagnosis alters the way you live. But life goes on, and we can help you manage these new realities…instead of them managing you.

  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Social Security & Medicare
  • Guardianship & Power of Attorney
  • Coordination with Legal & Tax Teams
  • Trusted Contact Establishment
  • Involving Your Family

Caring for Aging Parents &

Living With Chronic Illness

New responsibilities. Intimidating concerns. There are options to make them manageable.


Protecting your income in the event you cannot work.

Long Term Care

Shield your assets in the event of a catastrophic or life-changing diagnosis.

Social Security & Medicare

We are certified experts in optimization strategies for these complex benefit programs.

Guardianship & Power of Attorney

Families are complicated. We can work with your legal and accounting team to protect those who need it.

Trusted Contact Establishment

An added layer of protection against diminished capacity or exploitation.

Coordination with Legal & Tax Teams

We are not lawyers or accountants, but we know how to work with these professionals.

Involving Your Family

Establishing layers of support to avoid becoming overwhelmed with responsibility.

Our Podcast

On our seasonal podcast, we discuss the financial rites of passage that you can be better prepared for.

Losing a Spouse

Losing a Spouse

The dual path of mourning and maintenance that awaits a survivor.